Issues We Solve

Whether for emerging leaders or those who are changing responsibilities, we offer innovative programs that are heavily based in the fundamental psychology of personality, motivation and group dynamics. We offer a high-credibility c-suite coaching style and where appropriate, we’re qualified to make use of reliable psychometrics from the principal publishers.

In a context where most organisations are in a continuous state of change, we know how to speed it up and sustain initial gains. We help with an independent view on the level of engagement and we define the right moves to build momentum.

While most organisations function well in terms of execution, many continuously strive to find time and space for innovation. Particularly for sectors facing disruption, we help our clients to better sustain a culture of ‘volunteer’ innovation and internal entrepreneurship.

With increasingly diverse employee communities, a great number of our clients are focused on inclusive leadership. Whether it’s across geography, function or demography, we challenge and support leaders to raise their inclusion game. We’ve supported many diversity strategies with compelling senior forums on unconscious bias and guidance on the strategic leadership of an inclusive culture.

The senior team is an ever-demanding arena and in times of increased governance there is a great need for true teamwork. We have team building techniques that are effective and credible at senior level. We help get to the heart of the issues and guide leaders on how to build their high performing senior team.

Fluid Collaboration

Increasingly our clients rely on effective cross functional collaboration to achieve strategic goals. Leading in the matrix requires not just leadership skills, but also supporting alterations to the structures and systems within an organisation. We provide ways to identify these changes and also the L&D solutions to help leaders build this type of capability.

Areas of Expertise

Setting a vision, motivating followers and ensuring a strong performance to achieve goals. The leader needs to do this and more to be seen as effective. We work with individuals in organisations who are current and future leaders to build self awareness and develop the skill set which research has shown enables people to lead effectively.

Culture in organisations is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs. Parts are obvious and parts operate under the surface, not mentioned but still impactful. Culture governs how people behave and perform whether they are aware of it or not. We understand culture, how it begins, evolves and how it impacts performance. We help organisations understand the culture they have, define the culture that they want and successfully navigate the tricky path between the two.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to help them to excel in what they do. It enables people to learn for themselves rather than being taught. This is immensely powerful and can lead to real performance improvements. We are trained and highly experienced coaches who work on a one to one basis to achieve results.

To thrive organisations need a unique and valuable approach that differentiates them from the competition. We are experts across sectors in helping senior teams to define a vision and route to success. Just as important, we help decipher the practical and cultural implications of strategy for this who will make it a reality.