Team Leadership

Why the Thunder Clap (Huh!) is so enchanting.

In News by John Loughran

In a world that increasing appears to value individualism over collaboration – the Icelandic soccer team has adopted a great expression of teamwork.

The popularity of the chant shows how we inherently enjoy being part of a collective.  We are built to enjoy following!  At least so long as our leaders are easy to follow.

They keep it simple with one player leading the rhythm at the front and they don’t over-complicate the ask.  In turn the fans follow the team, which is critical.  It would lose much of it’s wonder if the fans didn’t join in.

The parallel for leadership off the field?

It shows the value of a leadership group (senior managers) operating in unison. Whatever the priority – a BD drive, a focus on billing, hell – even a focus on starting meetings on time!  When the leadership team shows pride in all being in unison (no stragglers or laggards) and they keep it simple, following becomes a lot easier and even enjoyable!

Have a look here at the Iceland celebrations vs England in full: The slow hand clap